Episode 22: Evolving Part One

Evolving is an event created by The Mandala Foundation.

The vision of this event is to educate, inspire and motivate women by giving you tools and strategies to create a healthy mind and healthy habits!

Today in part one, I speak to two women on the panel.

Katie Thompson: Founder of The Market: Journey to Joy

In October 2018 Katie told her husband and her closest friends that 2019 was going to be “her year”. It was going to be the year that she made something extraordinary happen and she wouldn’t take no for an answer or ride an easy street. At that time, she didn’t really know what that meant or what She wanted. She tossed around what it could mean… get back to running road races and logging miles, maybe go back to school (because She loved learning yet loathed that bill), … do something unexpected. They ended the conversation with her not really knowing.

In just a few short months, Katie signed a lease to rent 4,000 sq ft of space and go on a journey in January 2019. She started reaching out, making contacts, talking and talking and talking. She knew what she was after… the most magnificent collaboration of makers, crafters and curators to bring the Quad Cities a unique shopping experience.

Jasmine Bozeman: Author of “The Degree Experience”

A first-generation college graduate, but also an over-comer of homelessness and divorce, Jasmine’s life has been filled with learning lessons. She shares her simple, yet profound, understandings to inspire endurance and faith. Consistently acclaimed as a “true inspiration,” “a strong role model,” and a “gifted encourager,” Jasmine credits her deep love for life, a genuine love for people, and an indescribable love for God as her source. She has served as a featured speaker for various businesses and organizations – from fundraising banquets, to empowerment conferences – and she continues to deliver a message that moves audiences to action: to not give up…but to LIVE UP!

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