Rachel Kratz

"I love group coaching with Coach Ru and as I have gotten to know her, I can attest to the fact that she walks the walk. Every day is not perfect for her but she practices, "Feel it, shift it". She is genuine and caring. I am a person who go, go, goes but due to Ru's gentle insistence, I'm learning to slow down and check in with myself. How can I know if I'm going the right direction if I don't check in to see? I've learned more about myself in the last couple of months during coaching and under Ru's direction have flourished. I am now pursuing dreams I would have never even considered before. Thank you Coach Ru for all you do and for creating such a wonderful community of women!"

Tyler Roberson

"Coach Ru is amazing! She is inviting, encouraging, and down to Earth. When we meet, it is like I am talking to a best friend I have had for years. She is incredibly insightful and I always leave learning something new about myself. I would recommend Coach Ru to anyone looking to improve themselves, their relationships, emotional well being, and overall fulfillment in life. Thanks Coach Ru!"

Cassaundra Dunbridge

"Coach Ru inspires and is relatable. She is passionate about her mission and inspires passion and fearlessness in others. I know! I made my “someday into day one” when I found myself in Reggio Emilia, Italy, collaborating and learning with other educators from around the world to support the rights and voice of children in education and community. She coached me and supported me as I took a chance in making that dream into a reality. I have attended her evolve conference and love joining other like minded women at our meet ups. Don’t be afraid of what you could be. EVOLVE! Coach Ru invests in you and really encourages you to dig deep into yourself. Her podcasts are wonderful, too."

Denise Musgrove

"I decided to join Coach Ru Monthly Group meetings- I was at a point in my life where I lost my purpose. I needed to find some direction. I was very uncomfortable in a group setting, I almost backed out after the second meeting. Why did I stay? Because Coach Ru always made me feel welcomed! Always gave gentle guidance! I never felt pushed/forced to share if I wasn’t ready. I am learning so much from listening and beginning to share some of my thoughts. I would highly recommend giving this group session a try."

Alleshea Snell

"Coach Ru is PHENOMENAL!! Thanks to her insights, patience, time, and overall love for the work she does, she has helped me get my life back on track and learn how to love myself! She taught me skills to positively improve the way I view myself, learn how to value the gifts I have to offer to others, and and enable myself to do the same for those I'm able to reach day-to-day. Thanks SO much, Ru!!"

Emily Tinsman

"Ru has helped me discover how to open up and be comfortable with being vulnerable. Coach Ru has helped me realize that it’s okay to not be perfect all the time. We must celebrate our triumphs as well as our downfalls. It’s all about being honest with ourselves and recognizing what we need. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and continue to do for me!"

Andy Schumacher

"I went to Rumaisa as a life coach during a very transitional period in my life. Fresh out of college, working an unpaid internship, and confused about where to go next in my life, Ru guided me. Our weekly meetings became something I looked forward to, knowing I could trust her completely and that she'd help me without judgement. I learned techniques to rewire my way of thinking, I learned to identify my goals and how to tackle obstacles on my way to them. Since my time with Ru, I started my own business, my relationships flourished, and I have grown overall as a human! Thank you, Ru!"

Paula Maxwell

"Ru has been instrumental in giving me courage to reimagine my limiting beliefs. After a long health care career, it was necessary to take a pause. Ru encouraged me life doesn’t always progress in upwards tract. Sometimes linear. Sometimes not even. My life appeared to be at a dead end.

According to Ru, life events seldom present as a smooth transition. She posits progress is more like a series of leaning in and then taking a break and leaning out.

Learning to listen to my own intuition was at first terrifying. I felt out of control without a written 5 year future plan. I was left feeling I was doomed for failure.
Pleasantly surprised with Coach Ru’s insight, I am now leaning in more than leaning out.

Ines Flores Diaz

"Rumaisa is a great coach. She helps me a lot with issues in my personal life. She guide me in the right direction. I highly recommend her. She is a great person, very sweet and she knows her stuff."

Michael Larry

"I have known Ru for 1 year now, and I have grown to be a better person because of our relationship both professional and personal. Seek out her podcast or coaching if you are ready for a healthy mind body and spirit."

Alexandria Andrews

"I think a Life/Relationship Coach can be useful to any 20 something year old! It was important to me because I'm trying to now shift directions in my life completely. From motherhood, career life and what ever future love life I have! After some interesting years in my 20s I'm ready to take 'life by the horns' as my grandfather would say. I highly recommend Coach Ru to any and everyone."