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I’m Rumaisa aka Coach Ru! Do you feel stuck? I help people, businesses and entrepreneurs identify what’s blocking them and their companies from reaching their fullest potential. Expect to walk away with a new perspective, and actionable steps to help better understand how to live the life you have been wanting and dreaming. “Bridging the Gap Between Knowing and Doing.”

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Rumaisa Khawaja is Certified in Social Emotional Intelligence...

....for Leadership and Coaching. She is a First Generation Indian American. When Rumaisa was very young, her mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression. Growing up in this environment affected Rumaisa’s perception of self and the world around her, but it also pushed Rumaisa to seek help and later motivated her to assist others in developing positive relationships. She has built her career helping people achieve dynamic, positive changes in their lives by providing them with meaningful tools to implement day-to-day. Rumaisa has over seventeen years of experience across the country honing her expertise in life and relationship coaching.

In October of 2018, Rumaisa launched her Podcast: "Real Talk with Ru," which features conversations with authors, leaders, and health and wellness experts about how to ignite our personal and professional flames – to move from “wanting” to “doing”. After living in Nebraska, NYC, Los Angeles and Chicago, Rumaisa now resides in LeClaire, Iowa with her husband and three-year-old daughter, Zoha.

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