Ep. 23: Meet the Evolving Speakers Part 2

Evolving is an event created by The Mandala Foundation.

The vision of this event is to educate, inspire and motivate women by giving you tools and strategies to create a healthy mind and healthy habits!

Today in part two, I speak to two women n the panel.  

Heidi Huiskamp Collins:

Just a little over a year and a half ago, at the age of 53, Heidi took a risk by choosing to leave her comfortable finance job, and start her own Investment and Financial business.

ONLY 14% of women who are financial advisers. Not only is Heidi a small business owner, who is striving to educate women on their finances, but she serves on a number of boards, and volunteers her time with a number of charitable organizations.

Sarah Stevens:

After a decade long career in corporate healthcare administration, Sarah decided to realign her professional pursuits with work that more accurately reflected her sense of purpose. Combining her extensive background in operational leadership with her passion for creative endeavors, She began work as a business coach and consultant, focusing primarily on startups and small businesses. Over the past two and half years, she has had the privilege of leading clients – both big and small – as they turn their dreams into a reality, and in the process, She has discovered that purpose-driven work doesn’t feel much like work at all.

Founder of the Beautifull Project:

The Beautifull Project is a storytelling initiative launched in January of 2017. The Project aims to invite women to reclaim space, to use their voice, and to find purpose past the cultural expectations about body and beauty.. 

During the first year, The Project produced a blog, a podcast, and a virtual community – a chorus of courage – that is a daily invitation for women to belong in the world with substance and strength.


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