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About Rumaisa

Rumaisa Khawaja is a Life and Relationship Coach at Mandala Integrative Medicine. After years of not feeling fully satisfied in multiple areas of her life, it wasn't until Rumaisa learned that all of her outcomes could change just by making a simple choice to do things differently. Yes, this may sound easy to do. We all know the things that we “need” to do, but it takes true dedication and action to shift those pesky thoughts and historical patterns that we have grown up thinking most of our lives.

Once Rumaisa made that choice to take at a deep dive to look at herself; The good, the not so good, she started to create new results for herself. Slowly, she started to think differently by changing her fictional belief systems. Changing the stories that she grew up listening to. The more she did the work, she noticed that her friendships were stronger, her conversations were deeper and more nourishing, she started to expect more for herself, and expect more from others. This was the pivotal moment when her life began to change.

Rumaisa started to see the transformational changes in her life. Love, marriage and a baby all in one year! More money, better health, and most importantly, she was more grounded. Living for herself instead of others. This was when she decided that she wanted to pay it forward by wanting to help others - creating more joy for themselves.

Rumaisa Khawaja is a Certified Coach in Social/Emotional Intelligence for Leadership and coaching.

This experience has given her a deeper understanding of not only coaching, but what it means to be in a nourishing relationship with others. Fostering both personal and professional relationships.

Rumaisa has built her career helping people achieve dynamic, positive changes in their lives by providing them meaningful tools they can implement day-to-day.

Rumaisa is proud to say, “As a Life Coach at Mandala Integrative Medicine, I help our clients learn and understand how to process their emotions, and to identify what’s blocking them, when it comes to their everyday lifestyle. We cover areas such as "food, relationships, career and personal development.”

In October of 2018, Rumaisa decided to launch her Podcast: "Real Talk with Ru." A podcast with real moments and real conversations. Listen to interviews from authors, leaders, and health and wellness experts on that moment when they decided to go from Someday to Day One! All designed to ignite that flame from wanting to doing. Hear guests as they peel back their layers and speak from a place of truth. (Available on iTunes, Android, SoundCloud and Libsyn.)

17 years of experience across the country in Nebraska, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Iowa have helped Rumaisa hone her expertise of maximizing life and the relationships we form.