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Discover why audiences are raving about Coach Ru’s live programs! 

Unleash the talent and productivity potential in your business or organization with one of Coach Ru’s interactive and engaging programs. 

Your program will be custom tailored to create a great fit for your audience. Here are a few of her most popular programs:

Dropping Workplace Drama

  • How to create clear expectations with your team
  • Getting out of your own way to success
  • Creative conflict resolutions

Boosting Your Personal Productivity

  • Discover how you are best motivated and why
  • The 3 activities  you need to do when you’re in a bind with time
  • How to trigger your productivity and creativity instantly

Rumaisa Khawaja (Coach Ru) is a highly sought after speaker and coach. She has impacted audiences and clients with her passion for helping people reach their personal and professional potential.

Topics Rumaisa Covers
Create a Healthy Mind to Help You Heal and Thrive
- Learn how to shift out of victimhood
- Identify when you are in drama
- Understand how your mistaken beliefs can block your way to better health and happiness

Stress and Anxiety
- How stress is defined
- Sources of stress
- Ways it can manifest in the body (physiological signs)
- Why exercise is considered an effective coping strategy
- Identify what stops you from getting more of what you want?
- Identify when you are in the Drama Triangle
- Identify your triggers
- Identify your blocks, and what keeps you from being your best self


"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better with change."




“I learned techniques to rewire my way of thinking, I learned to identify my goals and how to tackle obstacles on my way to them. Since my time with Ru, I started my own business, my relationships flourished, and I have grown overall as a human! Thank you, Ru!”