Who else is still trying to figure out their new daily normal?


Rather than trying to keep myself busy 24/7, what I am learning about myself during Quarantine is that I do not have to have it all figured out!  One minute I may feel like I have mastered my home/work routine, and the next, I find myself trying to find balance and harmony!! As I am doing what I can to juggle all the things:  My business, working from home, rest, writing, engaging in my four year old daughters schoolwork, making sure she’s getting her Cosmic Yoga and some outdoor activities in.  I am doing my best to carve out some time for myself and Farrakh, (my husband).  But, between all of this, I’ve still gotta’ make time for Mamma Ru!  So, I ask him for help so I can get my time for me, myself and I.  Sometime this time is spent taking a shower.  Sometimes meditating.  Sometimes I just sit in my bedroom in the quiet, looking at the Mississippi River through my window.

What I am learning is that my feelings are fluid, they may come in waves... Believe me WAVES!  I am learning that I do not have to have everything figured out in that moment.

We are all still trying to figure out what our new normal is during this process.  Just remember, you are not alone.

Rather than focusing on the things I may not be able to control, what I am focusing on are the things that I am enjoying during Quarantine.

  • Enjoying my four year old's jokes. She’s pretty hilarious!
  • Baking with my daughter.
  • Connecting with hubby.
  • Playing with toys!
  • SO Much laughter
  • Cooking more, and enjoying home cooked food.
  • Embracing the messy house. The continuous dishes, laundry and toys galore! (Not the fun part), but how we as a family come together and clean up the messes.
  • Family movie night.
  • Family walks.
  • Elastic pants!!
  • Getting more done in a day.
  • Video Chatting with old friends.

How about you? What are you learning about yourself when you “JUST BE”?

As your are navigating your days, just remember to:

Give yourself Grace. As each day - each moment IS and CAN BE an adventure.
Be Kind to yourself. Watch the words that you are leading with. It’s ok if you are figuring out your new daily normal. Your normal may not be someone else’s normal, so please do not compare yourself.
Lead with Compassion. When we have grace and kindness for ourselves, we are able to lead with compassion towards others.
It all comes down to choice. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Speak to yourself as if you are speaking to your little one or your favorite person in the whole wide world!! You’re figuring it out, and that is ok. Your feelings are fluid. Your feelings are valid. Give yourself Grace, Kindness and Compassion.

I hope this helps to encourage you to find some nuggets of joy and perspective during this time..

I see you and am here for you!




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