Miss Iowa Scholarship Program

Last week I had the opportunity to judge the Miss Iowa and the Miss Iowa Outstanding Teen Pageant.  Let me first start off by saying that I have never had any experience in the pageant world.  What do we normally do if we do not know about something?  Maybe we assume things…  Maybe we think “Oh that’s not my thing,” before fully understanding the details…  Or maybe we say, “I want to learn more.”  “I’m curious.”

Here’s what I have learned the past few days about Miss Iowa 2.0:

🌟 These young woman are bright and intelligent.  

🌟 These young women have been serving countless hours in their community serving their platform(s).

🌟 These young women are engaged in their communities and are well spoken.

🌟 I have learned about contestants who have never competed before, and probably never would have, are doing so for the chance to win $10,500 in scholarship money for Miss Iowa and $1,200 for Miss Outstanding Teen Iowa. 

🌟Sponsorships include a new Miss Iowa car, car detailing, an apartment, special custom dresses for appearances, a gym membership, hair sponsor, nails, eyebrows, just to name a few!  Hey, if you are putting 40,000 miles on your car driving all across Iowa, doing 120 plus appearances a year….  This all helps!!

🌟 Contestants who have been through and who have overcome horrific circumstances, such as rape, dyslexia, depression, mental illness, as well as health issues, are using their platform(s) to bring change and awareness by creating non-profits.

🌟 There is no longer a swimsuit competition.

The Mission of Miss America 2.0

“To prepare great women for the world and to prepare the world for great women.”

The New Terminology of Miss America 2.0

  • Candidates- no longer Contestants 
  • Competition – no longer a Pageant 
  • Young Women – no longer Girls

Let me just say, that these past days have been eye opening for me.  I have met some incredibly passionate, loving and caring people in this community.  People who have taken time out of their daily lives, away from their families, from work and all the things…

And I must say, my judges panel was strong!!  Grateful for these new lifelong friendships…  Grateful for the opportunity, and am grateful for the community.  Who would have thought this would have all come from someone who listened to my podcast!?  

Lastly, I have such a solid respect for my friend Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw Former Miss Iowa Mikhayla Hughes- Shaw.  I have seen her hustle this past year.  Her poise, her grace, and her maturity!  Attending events with the 👑 on and off.  Sidenote:  Mikayla attended one of my events because she was curious about the topic of professional development.  I had no idea that she was Miss Iowa, and that she was in the audience!!  Her openness to learn, grow and implement this into all of her endeavors…  (Be sure to checkout How About HOPE and Love, GIRLS Magazine).

Basically what I’m trying to say is that if you have children, family members, or you happen to know someone between the ages of 13 to 26, encourage them to look into the Miss Iowa Scholarship Program.  Or your local Miss America Organization Competition.

Be open to the opportunity!  If you have questions…  You know where to find me!  😉

With love,Rumaisa

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