Ep. 36: Your Biggest Source of Pain is your Biggest Source of Joy

Brandon Carleton is the author of the book titled, “Meaningful Again:  How One Pastor Questioned Everything & Found Comfort in Uncertainty.”

He is a community organizer from Rock Island, IL, where he lives with his wife and son. He leads Connection Quad Cities, is the co-host the Ode to the Underdog podcast, and helps people find their faith meaningful again through his blog at meaningfulagain.com. 

After growing up religious and then leaving his faith behind, Pastor Brandon Carleton started to feel like he was throwing the baby out with the bathwater. After years of deconstructing, then reconstructing his beliefs, he began to ask questions like: Is there a way to cut through religious dogma and create authentic community? What would it look like to lead from a position of not having all the answers? This contemplative book offers hope to anyone who has felt excommunicated from a traditional faith system. Through stories of trial and error, Brandon Carleton presents a different approach to faith, pastoring, and ultimately, how to find religion

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