Ep. 10: S.E.X. From Frustrated to Fulfilled

Tazima Parris supports high-achieving women over 40 who are professionally successful, but struggling in their romantic relationships. Having spent over 20 years researching sex and human behavior, Tazima is a sought-after expert on relationship dynamics that lead to more connection, intimacy, and pleasure. She delivers her message of romantic relationship as a growth opportunity through her online presence and on stages nationwide and abroad. She coaches and teaches in cities across the country including New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.   Newly married, Tazima successfully transformed her own post-divorce love life from annoying to awesome. She has helped clients find love, increase intimacy, and experience more satisfying sex. Tazima is on a mission to teach women how to get from frustrated to fulfilled by cultivating their own conscious, sexy and, supportive partnerships.

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