It’s Time to Let Go of the”How.”

Do you find yourself worrying about the “How”? How will things get better? How will I make more money? How will I land that new position or job? How will I get everything done? When we are consistently focused on the “how”, we feel anxious, stressed and overwhelmed. What can you do to focus on making small steps today? With consistency, momentum builds. With momentum, change occurs. With change, comes action. It is when we can appreciate the small steps, the journey. What we are doing, which leads us to where we want to go.

Here are four things you can do to let go of the “How”.

1. Take a Time Out: If you find yourself getting anxious, take a break. Do something to divert your attention. Go for a walk, call a friend, turn on your favorite song. Do one action step to divert your attention.

2. Tap into that feeling: What is the thing you want? What is your why? What was that feeling you had when you got excited in the first place? Take a moment to reflect back to when you first had that initial thought or idea.

3. Let go of control: What happens when you force yourself into a situation that you did not like in the first place? You get the same outcome. What happens when you try to control something? You get the same outcome. Stressing and fixating over the thing is not going to bring it to you faster. It is only gonna give you stress, worry and anxiety. Take a break for a week, and revisit your idea. Give yourself time to reflect and put your attention on something else. When you let go, you are creating a space of openness and allowing.

4. Trust: Everything is working out for you. You made it this far. Trust that things will and are always working out. Let go of the noise, the resistance, and listen to your intuition. You already have the answers within. You my friend, already have what it takes!!!

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